This group is not about advancing the marketing agenda of any one company. We see our responsibility as that of providing free SharePoint education by providing knowledgeable people to give presentations about SharePoint topics. We ask that all speakers give presentations that show thought leadership and are not sales pitches. We seek to promote the awareness of best practices in the use of SharePoint. Our goal is to provide the Tampa Bay SharePoint community with presentations from well-known SharePoint luminaries such as SharePoint MVPs and Microsoft staff, vendors in the SharePoint partner ecosystem, and members of the local community including people from local companies that have implemented SharePoint and can talk about it.

We are run by a Leadership Team of 2-4 people, from a variety of companies:

Name Company Company Type
Stacy Simpkins
Rackspace #1 Managed Cloud Provider
Dave Wollerman
Microsoft Microsoft

WE WILL NOT SPAM YOU. We use our mailing list only for meeting invites and the occasional SharePoint community announcement.   Complete a registration form to get on the mailing list.

An example of a community announcement is information about a Microsoft event or a community event such as SharePoint Saturday Tampa Bay (if we can get one in the future) or CodeCamp.

We do not sell nor do we share the mailing list with anyone, not even meeting sponsors or presenters. However, if a sponsoring or presenting company has a drawing and you enter that drawing by providing your contact information, that’s between you and them, and you have probably authorized them to contact you as they see fit.

Stacy Simpkins is the keeper of the membership list, although all Leadership team members can get access to the list of join requests.

If you have reason to think we have abused this policy, please let us know!

We are open to many different speakers.  If you are interested in speaking, use the Contact Us form on or email a member of the leadership team with a presentation abstract and a speaker biography. For examples of a presentation abstract and speaker biography, look at a recent meeting invitation. We select speakers solely on their content relative to the interest of our members and speaker availability for the date and location selected.

We don’t think we need more help running the group.   We’ve had people inquire about this, and we generally turn them down.   We think we’ve got a workable system currently, and coordinating a larger leadership team would be hard. However, if you are interested in helping the local SharePoint community, you are welcome to talk to us about it. We can also put you in touch with the wonderful people that run SharePoint Saturday Chicago and the folks that run SharePoint Saturday San Antonio and maybe you can help us get a SharePoint Saturday Tampa Bay.

While we have a leadership team in place to manage the meetings, we are always looking for feedback related to topics of interest, speakers whom you have found compelling, and offers to host a meeting and share your success story with SharePoint

We started out by trying to have at least 10 meetings a year; but have since moved to quarterly meetings. It’s hard to schedule them more often. Sometime we manage it, sometimes we don’t. As, it can get hectic around the holiday months (Nov and Dec)

We know you like food and freebies. If our sponsors don’t pay for the food, we usually ask a company represented by one of the speakers to provide food. Those companies also provide give-aways.   We also get other giveaways from Microsoft and/or through User Group Support Services or from MVPs.

We have no budget and no finances. That’s why we rely on sponsors to take care of food. We handle no money. It’s a lot simpler that way.

We try to meet the needs of a variety of demographics.   We may eventually alternate between day and evening meetings.  Currently we meet downtown at VACO in the Adkins building, as this venue meets the diverse needs of our members.  Occasionally, a company will provide meeting space and a speaker. We also try to address the diverse interests and experience levels of our members. Our members may be new to SharePoint or may have worked with it for years. Some are developers, some are administrators, some are content managers, some are designers, some are end users, some are business decision makers, and some are technical implementer’s.

We generally structure our meetings this way:

  • Registration / sign-in half an hour before the first speaker. Food and Drink usually arrives near the beginning of the meeting.
  • A brief introduction by one or more members of the leadership team.
  • One or more speakers, with a short break in between.
  • Q&A and Raffle

We don’t post job listings on our website or to our mailing list. There are plenty other venues for that. We do not restrict attendance in any way, except based on room capacity.   Recruiters are welcome to attend and network with other attendees.