Past meeting content & various downloads

SP2013 Overview – What used to be new

January 2016 Meeting – SP2016-MinRole and What’s new – Stacy Simpkins

IMPROVE IT! – a collection of essays on using analytics to accomplish more with SharePoint

March 2016 Meeting – Powershell presentation – Gary Blatt

April 2016 Meeting – Demo, if you didn’t make it, you missed it.  It was awesome!

May 2016 Meeting – PowerPoint presentation – AgilePoint NX

June 2016 Meeting – PowerPoint presentation – Timothy Bridgham – No code tips and tricks

July 2016 Meeting – PowerShell presentation – Ed Wilson, The Microsoft Scripting Guy

August 2016 Meeting – Great presentation on branding SharePoint by Cardinal Solutions – TBD if will be available

September 2016 Meeting – Migrating solutions, Dave Wollerman, Microsoft PFE

Meets every 3rd Monday at Microsoft, 3000 Bayport Dr Ste 700, Tampa, FL 33607